Henry Kaufman’s words, “No matter how important we all think we are as individuals; we better recognize our role in society”, have spurred me onto a journey of self-discovery and inspired me to create impact through my work.

My name is Abhishek Shah and I am a Product Manager, based in Pune. I love technology, entertainment and learning new things.

Through my coursework and professional experiences, I have fine-tuned my ability to analyze data and appreciate the complexity of business processes. I often participate in activities that would diversify my skill set. This helps me work through different situations and collaborate with different people. Being an extrovert helps me become a people-person: understand people at a personal level, communicate effectively with everyone, and lead them better.

I look forward to working in roles where I can leverage the skills learned through my experiences and pursue my passion for solving problems and creating solutions that make the user’s lives better. I am actively seeking job opportunities in and around Software Development/ Business Intelligence/ Product Management roles.

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